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4 Formal Looks Every Kid Needs for Summer

You could fry an egg on the sidewalk. And yet, you keep getting invited to formal events that take place out of doors. Even if it’s an indoor event, there’s still the car ride there and back, and that excruciating twelve seconds before the A/C in your car starts working. Make sure your little debutantes are stocked up with the best looks a festive summer.

summer formal clothes for kids

1. High temps? Try a high-low dress

The high-low girls dress, featuring a hem that’s longer in the back than in the front, first came into fashion during the Victorian era. Also called a “mullet” skirt, the front of a high-low skirt won’t get in your daughter’s way while she shakes a leg, but the length in the back makes the outfit adorably formal.

2. Organza extravaganza

If you need something that goes great with the heat but still looks formal enough for an upscale event, try a sleeveless dress made from light, fluffy organza. Organza is a thin weave that floats airily over a crinoline, creating a full skirt that won’t feel too heavy for the heat. These tea length dresses come in white, embroidered with colorful, abstract patterns. For a cute, modern look, consider a high-low organza dress.

3. Keep those rays away.

It’s notoriously difficult to get little boys to put on fancy outfits, especially when it’s blistering hot out. Dark colors absorb the sun, so keep them cool with suits in light colors. A white formal suit or tuxedo is the next best thing to getting a suit with air conditioning built in. White suits are a notoriously bold fashion choice – they scream Malibu, Miami, LA – anywhere warm and fashion-forward. Don’t worry about Labor Day – as long as it’s over 72 degrees, you can’t go wrong with a white suit in the summer.

4. No sleeves, please!

Just because you’re going to a fancy event doesn’t mean you can’t take some practical measures. Keep everything ventilated with minimal sleevage. A sleeveless dress with a beautiful cascading bow, and a skirt made from layered organza and polytafetta, will make your daughter feel like she’s floating on a cloud. Or get your sleeveless look in a comfortable polysatin fabric, in a dress that will keep your daughter comfortable and wrinkle-free.

Don’t trap your son in a shirt with sleeves he has to roll up – get a selection of short-sleeved dress shirts for the summer and keep everybody happy.


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