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8 Picks for Kids’ Game Apps

You know you can use your smart phone or tablet for just about anything – take a selfie, find the nearest gluten-free restaurant, help you remember the name of that song. It’s also the perfect on-the-go distraction device. Sometimes, your hands have to be on the driving wheel, and not playing peek-a-boo. That can be a stressful time for your child. Luckily, your phone or tablet is there to help. Download a variety of educational apps to keep your children happy, and always learning something new. They’re more affordable than video games, and far better for your children’s expanding craniums.

kids educational apps

PBS Kids offers a huge suite of children’s games, online and in app form. These games cover a wide range, from education to public service announcements. For instance, one game teaches children how antibodies work, taking the mystery out of vaccinations. You can sort the available apps based on your child’s age, what kind of device you own, and which subject you’d like your child to practice.

Math Ninja is extremely popular, thanks to its action-packed series of math challenges. This is one of those games they’ll want to play as their Gameboy. It comes from, a great resource for free games that can improve your child’s math skills.

Oregon Trail has truly withstood the test of time. Parents today may remember playing it themselves! Available on iTunes, this game teaches about the history of American pioneers. But your children will probably remember it as the game that taught them about consequences – one bad decision, and you’ve come down with dysentery.

If your kids enjoy Oregon Trail, try Early Jamestown, a free game that lets your children explore the 17th century settlement at Jamestown, Virginia. This is a great introduction to American History. It also comes with extensive reading material and a ton of interactive graphics.

Dr. Frankenstein’s Body Lab introduces older children to biology basics. In Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory, children will learn to recognize different organs. This fast-paced game has players quickly assemble a body part puzzle.

Mad Libs has a free app for iPhones and iPads. Fill in the blanks to create your own short story. Geared at older children and tweens, this game encourages kids to learn about the different parts of a sentence, often with hilarious results.

For some beginner games, try Endless Alphabet or Match Blitz. These games are designed to help your preschool-aged children learn letters and shapes. Kids love the cute characters in Endless Alphabet, and Match Blitz is perfect for drawing your kids into the action on a long car ride.

These fun games can be perfect distractions so that when your child is dressed to the nines in a girls formal dress or boys dress suit, they are well behaved at fancy events. Let us know what your favorite apps for kids are!

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