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A Chance to Shine for Your Little Ones

Some of the most enjoyable moments in a child’s life are those when he gets to dress up and act out of character. Perhaps that’s why they love Halloween so much. It’s an annual event to wear outrageous outfits and play the part of someone else; someone dressier, sleeker, smoother, or even someone with superpowers. Their love of this event can actually be transferred to other moments where a child has to step out of their comfort zone and act slightly differently.

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Take, for example, a night when the family is heading out for a celebratory dinner. Instead of being playful and running around, that child is expected to sit still, be polite, and not make a mess. For many kids, this would be a true superpower. Adding a “costume” in the form of an elegant girls formal dress or suave boys dress suit can help remind children what part they are playing.

Holiday occasions can create the same opportunity. Sure, kids will run downstairs to empty their Easter baskets or Christmas stockings while still in their pajamas, but later, when they are gathering with the whole family for Easter dinner or heading to church, is when you really want them on their best behavior. An outfit that is comfortable, beautiful, and somewhat formal is a great step in that direction.

When else should they don their tiered skirts and button down shirts? Whenever an important occasion occurs! Whether your little one’s a softball, football, or field hockey champ, show his or her teammates that it’s not all cleats and soccer shorts. On the field, they dress to play, but what about at the award ceremony at the end of the season? Not only will your champions be receiving recognition for a season well played, they’ll be showing off how good they can look off the field. Sports already build confidence, so why not emphasize that by helping them be confident in their appearance as well?

These girls or boys formal clothes also help your baby realize the importance of specific events. School is a difficult place for many, so it makes sense many schools are applauding the successful transition from one level to another. Help to emphasize these milestones along the way by dressing your mini-graduate up for his or her sixth, seventh, and eighth grade graduation. You’ll be helping him understand the significance of these achievements, while creating a fantastic photo op to share with family and friends.

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