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A Rich Tradition of Pageants

Pageants are wonderful opportunities for your children to show off their incredible talents and receive recognition as the beautiful children they are, both inside and out. The winner is chosen based on talent, beauty, poise, and confidence. It can be a challenging experience, but ultimately, a rewarding one.

Ever since the Little Miss America Pageant started in the 1960s, families have been flocking to let their kids strut their stuff in beautiful girls pageant dresses. Now, there are over 25,000 opportunities nationwide. Because many have their own focus and personality, there is a perfect pageant for any interested child. Those with an inclination toward the dramatic will love the “high glitz” competitions, where anything and everything that will enhance the child’s beauty is encouraged. Conversely, “natural” pageants are a chance to perform with minimal makeup, no manicure, and only natural hair, skin, and teeth.

Now, children’s beauty pageants are receiving national attention through several reality shows like “Toddlers in Tiaras” and “Honey Boo Boo.” However, even before this on-screen recognition, many young pageant winners would go on to capture the spotlight in later years. Katy Perry started her stage life when she entered a few childhood pageants. When she failed to take the crown, she decided to move on, saying “Second place is not good enough!”

Always the pioneer, Diane Sawyer helped start youth pageants by winning America’s Junior Miss 1963, one of the first pageants open to contestants younger than 18. Pageants have inspired a range of public lives, such as Sarah Palin’s political career, Blake Shelton’s musical endeavors, and Mary Hart’s 29 year position as Entertainment Tonight host.

Several pageants focus on ensuring all the contestants feel as beautiful as they are, so awards are given to many children in each age group. The result can be a surge of confidence for the child, which will hopefully carry over into her everyday life. In a culture that increasingly makes young girls feel as if they are unattractive, ensuring that your child feels and is recognized as beautiful can help her gain the confidence and poise to stand above the nay-sayers.

What’s more, a pageant is an opportunity for your little one to dress lavishly and feel like a true princess in her beautiful girls dress. It’s rare for a child to be able to dress as ornately as she’d like. Pageants are truly a chance to wear fashionable and beautiful costumes, and they can be fantastically enjoyable for all involved.

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