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Mommy Tips

One of the greatest resources for moms are other moms!  With a 3 year old and a 1 year old I am always looking for helpful hints.  Here you can find tips for taking your little one to a special event as well as some every day advice!  Have a tip you would like to share?  E-mail it to Us moms can always use more help.


I always try and have a bag of “goodies” packed when we go out. It’s a special bag that Madilyn only gets when we are at a restaurant or for a special occasion. She looks forward to playing with the items in it! I always include quiet items (books, coloring items, etc) and it helps entertain her for those times when she needs to be quiet!

~Kim, South Dakota

My sister-in-law’s wedding was scheduled at the same time as Ellie’s regular nap. On that day, we got her up early and ran her up and down the boardwalk, all around the hotel, etc. She had an early lunch and an early nap, and woke up just in time to get ready for the wedding.  Also, the ring bearer and flower girl were both age 2. The photographer made sure that their pictures were the very last ones before the ceremony, and the very first ones after– so that the kids didn’t need to be milling around during the rest of the photos. It worked out well!
~Judy, Hilliard, Ohio

Snacks snacks and more snacks!! The best way to keep Jaden quiet and preoccupied!!! But I make sure they are ones she REALLY likes… and doesn’t get very often… it makes them more special!!!

~Brandi, Minot AFB

I pack the diaper bag for church with snacks, juice, crayons, coloring books and quiet toys. Keeps them quiet through the service.  I use a plastic bin to keep the boys toys in so my truck doesn’t look like a disaster. It sits between them so they have easy access to it.  Udder cream works wonders on very dry skin and eczema  I absolutely love love love butt paste for diaper rash. It works almost instantly.

~Halle, Ohio

On Sunday nights I would always write a letter to the kids in a journal–just telling them about funny things they did/said, etc. Sometimes I would have them write in them. These journals are some of my favorite treasures.  If I need to remind my older kids of something I use a dry erase marker on their bathroom mirror to tell them (don’t forget lunch money, dentist appt. today, etc.) It’s very easy to just clean it off later.  When my older kids aren’t helping with cleaning, their punishment is to have to clean their sibling’s room. When they complain I remind them that I’m showing them how I feel when I have to pick up their stuff of the floor.

~Wendy, St Louis, Missouri

Have a special basket on top of the fridge that only comes out when taking an important phone call. This keeps them occupied without having to be interrupted while talking.

~Kyra, California

I use a ticket system for rewarding good behavior. Every time I see one of my girls doing something over and beyond what I expect of them, they get tickets. Sometimes just a couple and sometimes 10 or so. It just depends. they each have their own color and their own jar to keep them in. Then, they can “buy” things with their tickets. For example, 25 tickets earns a night of staying up 30 minutes past bedtime. 50 tickets earns a trip to baskin robbins, 30 tickets earns them getting to pick out the movie for Friday Family night, etc., etc., etc. My daughter saved up 100 tickets so I picked her and a friend up from school during lunch and took her out to Togo’s. The girls love it and it really encourages them to go above and beyond!

~Amy, Roseville, California

I always keep an extra diaper bag stocked with wipes, diapers, and change of clothes etc. in each of the cars. This way if we have to run out for a quick errand I don’t have to worry about grabbing a diaper bag and wondering if it is stocked or not. Also I always have a backup if we are out for awhile and need extras. Not to mention if my husband runs out with the kids he has stuff available because he does not think about bringing extras.  I also save all the kids meal toys for times we are out, they are great to pull out if having to stand in line or waiting at the Doctor’s office, etc. I keep several in my diaper bag or purse.

~Tracy, Colorado

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