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Best Colors for Spring

It’s not just Easter that makes pastels a popular choice for kids in the spring. Lighter colors reflect sunlight, while darker colors absorb it. So there you have it, the science of Easter colors. When you’re dressing children up for a formal occasion, encourage them to try something outside of their favorites. We don’t always think to wear the color that looks the best with our complexion!

Back in the 1980s, young beauties were supposed to find a season of colors that matched their skin tone, eye color and hair color. Supposedly, your coloring dictates how bright or how saturated a color palette you should use. These rules have gone out of style, but there are some basic rules of Color Theory to follow to ensure your child’s boys dress suit or girls Easter dress brings out their natural beauty.

green for spring

1. Green

In the list of favorite colors, green often gets short shrift. Green looks great with brown or hazel eyes, and will garner your red-haired child lots of compliments. We can explain this phenomenon using Color Theory – red and green look good together because they are opposite each other on a standard color wheel.

2. White with colorful details

A flower girl classic, you can’t beat the pastel-and-white combo for epitomizing a happy-go-lucky springtime feeling. Sashes and brightly colored bows make a white dress look more festive than formal. Since white is a cooler color, it makes pastels look especially bright by contrast.

3. Lavender

If you have a brown-eyed girl or boy, lavender will quickly become their best friend. A cool shade of lavender makes brown eyes look especially warm. Lavender is also a great color in a shade of pastel, and matches a beautifully-scented bouquet of everyone’s favorite springtime fragrance.

4. Yellow and Orange

Controversial color alert! Both of these serial offenders often look unflattering on adults. But while they can make grown-ups with pale skin look washed-out, children are more likely to have the ruddy complexion to pull it off. It also helps if they’ve been running around outside, developing a tan. The less pale the skin, the nicer it looks with especially bright colors. In pictures, kids dressed in yellow and orange really stand out from the crowd!

5. Pastels

Any shade of pastel will make your child look picture-perfect for spring. Because we associate lighter colors with new growth, pastels highlight your children’s youth and all-around cuteness.

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