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Best Holiday Looks for Girls

Whether it’s a school holiday party, a seasonal recital, or a Christmas Eve church service, chances are there’s a fast-approaching event that requires your daughter to be dressed in her winter finest. Or maybe all the colorful decorations, store displays, and wrapped presents have inspired her to want a dress befitting this glamorous season. Whatever the case, it’s time to start thinking about how you can help her find her perfect holiday outfit.

holiday childrens outfits

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Colors for a Winter Wonderland

While pastels rule the spring and earth tones have their place in autumn, winter is a time for rich colors. Black is always an elegant choice this time of year, but many little girls may prefer vibrant hues like red, green, teal, or even plum or deep pink. If you want your daughter to have a look that combines color and elegance, look for a bright dress with a dark tulle layer or a black bow accent.

‘Tis the Season for Sparkles

If your little girl is as enthralled with Frozen as most of the elementary school set, she’ll probably jump at the chance to wear a dress that looks like it’s covered in icy crystals. Luckily for her, sequined and sparkly dresses are a popular look during the holiday season. Let her show off her inner snow queen in a glittering party dress, or choose a dress with just of hint of sequins on the skirt for a classic look.

Deck the Halls with Bows and Headbands

From holiday lights lining windows to presents wrapped up with ribbons, winter seems to be a season of ornamentation. That means it’s a great time for your child to break in new hair bows or headbands. Choose a color that matches or complements her holiday dress, or choose a neutral shade like black that will go with everything.

Happy Feet

A great holiday outfit requires planning from top to bottom, so don’t forget to have your daughter wear a pair of dress shoes. If her outfit needs more color (or she just wants to make as bold a statement as possible), try a pair of red patent dress shoes with a Velcro strap. For something a little subtler, try black patent shoes with a silver strap. Since it may be a little chilly out, make sure she wears her shoes and dress with a versatile pair of tights.

Remember, this is also the season for snapping plenty of photos, so make sure to get the camera out when your daughter is dressed in her festive best!

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