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Turning Your Little Boy Into A Prince With Our Formal Clothing

Monday, October 14th, 2013

It’s true that when you picture your little prince, you probably picture him wrestling in the dirt, playing video games on the couch, or finding new ways to challenge your cleaning skills. But you know with a little love, and a lot of patience, you will someday turn him into the gentleman you know he can be. Hopefully.

In the meantime, he’s going to have to play the part at a variety of formal occasions. Though his best friend’s birthday party is a chance for him to run around and eat cake, it’s also a chance for him to show off his inner panache. Whether he’s sporting a stylish suit, button down shirt, or a swanky new tie, he’ll be both elegant and comfortable at the big event.

Make your son a little prince in our dress clothes!Childhood is also a time when kids start to develop their relationship with the church. What they wear at each of these events reflects not only the formality of the occasion, but also the respect that the family and community has for God. Marking each special event with an appropriately special outfit is part of the process to build a relationship with the Church.

The first step, of course, is a baby’s Christening. While little girls look like mini-brides in their beautiful gowns, baby boys are equally stunning in pure white gowns reminiscent of tuxedos or even priestly robes. Each of our gowns comes with a hat that ties securely around your baby’s head.

After the Baptism, that little boy will accompany the family each week to services, giving you the opportunity to dress your toddler in one of our comfortable and easy mini boys dress suits. As he gets big enough to dress himself, you can transition him into three piece suits. The perfect time to show off this new look is at his First Communion. As he walks down the church aisle and receives this holy sacrament, he’ll feel confident yet respectful, and you’re sure to feel nothing but pride and love.

For each Sunday and each event, you can create a new look by changing the color of the dress shirt and tie so he’ll never get tired of his look and he can stay fresh without needing a new suit again and again. Neutral shirts are perfect for occasions of somberness or seriousness. Bright blues, purples, and reds are more festive and perfect for fun, celebratory events.

No matter what the occasion, you can find the perfect fit by browsing the Puddles Collection.

Photo Contest Spring 2012

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

It’s time for the Puddles Collection annual spring photo contest!  We love to see pictures of children in Puddles Collection clothing.  With Easter, Communion and other spring events, this is the perfect time to show off your children.  Have those cameras ready to capture the moment!  Winners will  be featured on our blog, website, and facebook.



  • The grand prize winner will receive a $75 gift card to Puddles Collection
  • Runner up will receive a $25 gift card to Puddles Collection
  • Prizes will be awarded based on the number of votes the picture receives


  • One entry per household per child
  • A photo may include more than one child, but multiple submissions for a single child will not be accepted
  • Entries must be received by April 30, 2012, 11:59 pdt
  • All entries are final on submission
  • Entrants authorize Puddles Collection to use submitted photos in marketing, promotion, or advertising

TIP:  Have your friends and family visit daily to vote!


Shopping Online For The Holidays

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Shopping online is the easiest way to prepare for the holidays. The internet makes it possible to shop from the comfort of your house.  You can research gifts and comparison shop saving time and effort.  As you prepare to start shopping online, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Start early to avoid rush shipping fees, especially with personalized or custom items
  • Make a list of everything you need to buy and try to combine orders to avoid increased shipping costs
  • Comparison shop on several websites before making a decision
  • Check the company’s return/exchange policy
  • Check the shipping and handling time frame
  • Ship gifts directly to the recipient if time or distance is an issue
  • If you have never ordered from a site before, look for customer testimonials, reviews, and privacy policy
  • Sign up for a website’s newsletter and facebook group to receive coupons and sale notifications
  • Choose a site that has a payment option you are comfortable with
  • Double check the order before confirming
  • Save all e-mail receipts until after you know the item does not need to be returned or exchanged
  • Keep track of how much you have  spent on your original list

Shopping can be overwhelming, but being organized and starting early can make it much easier!

Photo Contest Winners

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

It was so fun seeing all the cute photos that were entered in the contest. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who submitted a photo.  The winners photos are featured in our home page banners!

The grand prize winner of the $75 gift card is Triin, with her little one in the Hannah Dress.

The runner up winner of the $25 gift card is Kristy, were her boys in our dress shirt and tie 26.


Photo Contest Spring 2011

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Puddles Collection is having our first photo contest!  We love to see pictures of children in Puddles Collection clothing.  And with Easter, Mother’s Day and other spring events, this seems like the perfect time for our first contest.  Have those cameras ready to capture the moment.

TWO WAYS TO ENTER (Please provide a brief description along with the picture)

  • Upload your photo to our Facebook page
  • Submit your photo by e-mail to


  • Grand prize is a $75 gift card to Puddles Collection.
  • Runner up will receive a $25 gift card to Puddles Collection.

Winners will also be featured on our blog and on facebook.  Deadline for submissions is May 15, 2011.

The winners will be chosen by the Puddles Collection team.  We will take into account all comments made on the photos when posted on Facebook  so make sure you have friends and family stop by and comment!  E-mail submissions will be posted in the photos section of our facebook page by a Puddles Collection team member.




Styling Tiffany Espensen for the Kids Choice Awards

Friday, April 8th, 2011

Last week I received an intriguing phone call from Melinda at Womentorz.  A young actress named Tiffany Espensen (now appearing in the movie Hop) needed a dress for the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.  Is this something I could help with?  Of course!  That evening I met with Tiffany and her mom, Robin (and her grandma!)  on the set of her new Nickelodeon show “Bucket and Skinner’s Epic Adventures”.  She tried on six dresses and looked fabulous in all of them.  We spent an hour being girly and looking through dresses and getting ideas of which would fit her style the best.  This family is so nice and they were very easy to work with.

The next day I came back to the set during rehearsal with the final selections: the April Dress and the Trinity Dress.  The only decision left was which dress to wear to the Friday pre awards party and which she would wear down the Orange carpet to the Awards show.  Tiffany invited me to have lunch with her family (which I tell you was much better than the Lean Cuisine I was planning on eating back at the office) and a tour of the stage.  How fun is that!  This looks like it will be another great Nickelodeon show for kids with some laughs for parents as well.

Here is Tiffany trying on the dresses.

The Pre Party Dress

The Awards Show Dress













And here is Tiffany on the Orange carpet with the cast.

Cast of Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures at the 24th Annual Nickalodeon Kids Choice Awards

Tiffany at the 24th Annual Kids Choice Awards

This was truly a fun experience and I look forward to working with Tiffany again in the future.  You can catch up with all her tweets or find her on facebook.  I suspect we will see a lot more of this talented young actress in the near future!

And one last picture, me and Tiffany!

Baby Gift For Jewel

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Puddles Collection had the opportunity to be part of  a baby gift basket for Grammy award winning singer Jewel and her husband Ty Murray.  They are expecting a boy who will make his debut later this year.  We hope baby boy Murray will enjoy the Justin infant boys tuxedo.  This outfit comes with shorts, shirt, vest, bow tie, and hat and will be great for any special occasion the family will be attending.



Along with Puddles Collection, nine other companies contributed to the gift basket:  Western Journeys (Little Journey’s World), BooB TooB, Bibagogo, Annabellea Jewelry, Find Me Book, Jewelry by Andrea, My Smart Hands, Toyconomy, and Dr. Heather: Human Body Detectives.  A fabulous group of small business owners!

Boys Easter Clothing

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

The smaller your children are, the easier it is to convince them to dress up.  As they get older, particularly the boys may start to give you a hard time about getting in a suit so it’s good to make it a tradition.  Easter is one of those great holidays where many people still put on their dress clothes.  There are tons of girls Easter dresses to choose from, but boys have fewer options.  A classic look that has come back into style is this four piece boys suit that includes the pants, shirt, vest, and tie.


Colorful shirts are very fashionable right now with turquoise, fuchsia, and purple being the most popular.  For Easter and spring you will find lavender, pink, yellow, sage, and periwinkle also top the list.  Clip on ties are a life saver for young boys.  They don’t feel tight around the neck and you don’t have to worrying about tying them.  Elastic in the back of the waist makes the pants flexible.

If you want a more casual look you can pair a dress shirt and tie combination with a nice pair of dress pants.  These two will make a handsome outfit.


And don’t forget the feet!  A nice pair of dress socks and shoes will complete the outfit.  Choose 100% nylon socks for the dressiest look.  You want to make sure the socks are thin and will fit well inside dress shoes.  Never try to shove athletic socks into a dress shoe!  A new pair is best so there are no holes when he inevitably kicks off his shoes.


It always a good idea to have your child help you pick the outfit.  Narrow it down to a few selections that you like and then let the child make the final decision.  Or choose one outfit and let him pick the color.  You want it to be a happy day for everyone!

Win a $25 Puddles Collection Gift Card

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Enter to win a $25 Puddles Collection gift card.  It’s easy!  Just “Like” PuddlesCollection on Facebook.  Then make a comment on this post:

“Win a $25 Puddles Collection gift card! Simply “like” on facebook. Then make a comment below telling us what item you would like to purchase with your gift card by 2/17.”

Hint:  You can filter the posts on the page by “” to easily find the post to comment on.

Another Satisfied Puddles Customer

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

A Young Puddles Customer

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