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Announcing the Winner of the Puddles Spring 2014 Photo Contest!

Friday, May 16th, 2014

The entries and the likes have been counted, and it is time to announce the winner of the Puddles Collection Spring 2014 Formal Photo Contest!

We’d like to thank everyone for participating and gathering the support of friends and family, whose likes helped increase your odds in our raffle. All of your pictures were a delight.

And now we’d like to extend our congratulations to…

blrajala, the winner of our Puddles Collection Spring 2014 Formal Photo Contest! Congratulations, Blrajala! Please email us at leverage to receive your exciting prize, a free iPad Mini!

Thank you to everyone again for entering our contest, and stay tuned for more exciting contests and offers from Puddles Collection!


First Communion Traditions

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

Like every rite of passage, First Communion can make the stars of the show a bit nervous. First Communion is also probably the first religious ceremony your child will remember. However sacred the ceremony, children have notorious difficulty maintaining fidget-free posture. While the priest does his bit, glimpsing down at their brand-new finery will remind your child that they are the most important part of the service.

communion favors

Communion Favors

For girls, tradition dictates that the First Communion dress must be white. Many families attach significant sentimental value to their daughter’s First Communion outfit for just that reason – the next time they see her in a white dress, she’ll be walking down the aisle. Unlike a wedding, this isn’t just your daughter’s special day. She is sharing the white dress limelight with all the girls in her Sunday school posse. Look for dramatic details that will make her dress stand out from the other mini-brides. Layers of different textures can make a First Communion dress unique to your daughter. Or, consider going against a trend. Dresses for little girls tend to be on the poofier side, so a dress with a smaller skirt will set her apart.

As usual, the requirements for boys’ outfits are a little more straightforward. With a special suit and shined shoes, your son will be ready to demonstrate every ounce of 7-year-old poise he can muster. If this is your son’s first suit experience, consider demonstrating how to tie a tie. Once he tires his hand at a Windsor knot, he’ll love the idea of a clip-on (an accessory he may not have initially embraced).

Many girls choose to wear a veil for their First Communion, to symbolize their lifelong commitment to the faith. In keeping with this theme, consider getting your son to try out a typical groom ensemble. What could be more grown-up than a full-blown tuxedo? Besides, there is absolutely nothing cuter than a junior-sized cummerbund.

It’s important to get your child involved in the shopping process for their communion dress (or if they’re a boy, a boys dress suit). Since they’ve reached a new benchmark in their maturity, let them know that their opinion counts. Helping to choose what they wear will give the newest members of the flock a boost of confidence. On the big day they should love their outfit, and feel excited show everyone how much they’ve grown up since their christening gown.

Dressing Infants for Formal Occasions

Monday, January 20th, 2014

Your beautiful baby is the talk of the party regardless of what he or she’s dressed in, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get a few extra “oohs” and “aahs” when you walk into a Christmas party with a miniature Santa by your side. Dressing your infant in beautiful outfits is adorable in the moment and creates the opportunity have photos and memories you can’t wait to display.

beautiful infant dresses

For those who are on a crawling rampage, choose one of our infant dresses that reaches their knees and has layers of lace. While she’s sitting, the layers will cover her lap, giving a full, bushy, adorable appearance. When she’s on the move, the layers will cover her diaper, so she keeps that lady-like look.

In the chillier months, you can keep her warm by pairing the dress with white stockings. Not only will she stay warm,  you can stop trying to keep track of those socks that seem to keep mysteriously disappearing. What’s more, the look will be perfectly complimented by black patent leather shoes, though we make no promises as to how long those will stay on.

You can pick any color you’d like, but there are some combinations that are sure to be crowd pleasers. A classic black and white plaid dress is beautiful, but it really pops when a dash of color is added. Tie a lacey pink sash around her waist, especially one with floral accents, and she’ll be the perfect combination of elegant and childish.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with a traditional sailor outfit. The stripes, bows, and matching hat combine to make her look like a miniature boater. For the perfect final touch, gold buttons will act as a throwback to the original peacoat worn by navymen. It’s ideal for a costume party or just a night on the town.

The popular sleeve style of the moment is capped sleeves. These small additions add a little poof to the shoulders, but naturally stay in place, making the parents’ job much easier. However, the short sleeves provide little protection from the cold, so consider adding a matching button-up sweater. It’s easy to get on and off, but covers well and adds a layer that helps her be comfortable in any temperature. For visiting a friend’s home that may or may not be a little chilly, it’s the perfect touch. Whatever you add, get ready for your little one to get tons of attention and be part of countless pictures.

A Rich Tradition of Pageants

Monday, January 13th, 2014

Pageants are wonderful opportunities for your children to show off their incredible talents and receive recognition as the beautiful children they are, both inside and out. The winner is chosen based on talent, beauty, poise, and confidence. It can be a challenging experience, but ultimately, a rewarding one.

Ever since the Little Miss America Pageant started in the 1960s, families have been flocking to let their kids strut their stuff in beautiful girls pageant dresses. Now, there are over 25,000 opportunities nationwide. Because many have their own focus and personality, there is a perfect pageant for any interested child. Those with an inclination toward the dramatic will love the “high glitz” competitions, where anything and everything that will enhance the child’s beauty is encouraged. Conversely, “natural” pageants are a chance to perform with minimal makeup, no manicure, and only natural hair, skin, and teeth.

Now, children’s beauty pageants are receiving national attention through several reality shows like “Toddlers in Tiaras” and “Honey Boo Boo.” However, even before this on-screen recognition, many young pageant winners would go on to capture the spotlight in later years. Katy Perry started her stage life when she entered a few childhood pageants. When she failed to take the crown, she decided to move on, saying “Second place is not good enough!”

Always the pioneer, Diane Sawyer helped start youth pageants by winning America’s Junior Miss 1963, one of the first pageants open to contestants younger than 18. Pageants have inspired a range of public lives, such as Sarah Palin’s political career, Blake Shelton’s musical endeavors, and Mary Hart’s 29 year position as Entertainment Tonight host.

Several pageants focus on ensuring all the contestants feel as beautiful as they are, so awards are given to many children in each age group. The result can be a surge of confidence for the child, which will hopefully carry over into her everyday life. In a culture that increasingly makes young girls feel as if they are unattractive, ensuring that your child feels and is recognized as beautiful can help her gain the confidence and poise to stand above the nay-sayers.

What’s more, a pageant is an opportunity for your little one to dress lavishly and feel like a true princess in her beautiful girls dress. It’s rare for a child to be able to dress as ornately as she’d like. Pageants are truly a chance to wear fashionable and beautiful costumes, and they can be fantastically enjoyable for all involved.

Kids Talent Shows

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

Children come across as blank slates, needing to be taught the ways of the world. And while it’s true they need much guidance and education, sometimes they can astonish even their parents with an incredible display of natural talent. Sometimes this comes out at a school event, other times it’s an even more visible venue. Regardless, there is a rich tradition of kids showing off, in girls pageant dresses and other gorgeous formal wear, what they can do to the amazement of those around them.

girls pageant dress perfect for talent shows

A local talent competition is something that has been known for centuries. Parents would beam with pride as their child took the stage, either competing for a prize or just showing off what he can do. As the technology to share these moments expanded, the best of the best became more widely known. Radio was the first forum people used to share their voice. The Original Amateur Hour, starting in 1934, gave people the opportunity to hear talent never before seen as hosts scouted the country for skilled vocalists.

As televisions became widespread, talent shows migrated to the screen. Now, in addition to beautiful singing, performers could start displaying some dance moves. Seemingly overnight, an unknown singer could become an American idol. In fact, you can find performances by Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, and Beyoncè, all under their given name and before they’ve even reached puberty.

Now, talent shows have evolved past simple singing and dancing to give people the opportunity to show any fabulous skill they may have. On America’s Got Talent, you can see musicians, magicians, jugglers, sword swallowers, and almost anything else. Amazingly, the idea of taking a massive group of performers and slowly trimming it down until there were only a few left is a new idea. The first time it occurred on television was in 1999. Since then, huge numbers of reality TV shows have followed suit, ending with one ultimate “winner.”

Yet sometimes, it’s not the title of “winner” that you want for your child. It’s the moment of bravery when that tiny, innocent person stands up in front of every person she’s ever known, opens her mouth, and starts singing. When that scrawny boy in a new boys dress shirt takes a leap of faith and attempts to flip or cartwheel across the stage. Sitting in the audience, you can see the fear, the hesitation, and the determination that pushes him to accomplish the impossible, the unthinkable. To stand up and put his pride on display and hope beyond hope for recognition, compliments, and praise. That, to be sure, is the real talent.

A Chance to Shine for Your Little Ones

Monday, January 6th, 2014

Some of the most enjoyable moments in a child’s life are those when he gets to dress up and act out of character. Perhaps that’s why they love Halloween so much. It’s an annual event to wear outrageous outfits and play the part of someone else; someone dressier, sleeker, smoother, or even someone with superpowers. Their love of this event can actually be transferred to other moments where a child has to step out of their comfort zone and act slightly differently.

boys clothing

Take, for example, a night when the family is heading out for a celebratory dinner. Instead of being playful and running around, that child is expected to sit still, be polite, and not make a mess. For many kids, this would be a true superpower. Adding a “costume” in the form of an elegant girls formal dress or suave boys dress suit can help remind children what part they are playing.

Holiday occasions can create the same opportunity. Sure, kids will run downstairs to empty their Easter baskets or Christmas stockings while still in their pajamas, but later, when they are gathering with the whole family for Easter dinner or heading to church, is when you really want them on their best behavior. An outfit that is comfortable, beautiful, and somewhat formal is a great step in that direction.

When else should they don their tiered skirts and button down shirts? Whenever an important occasion occurs! Whether your little one’s a softball, football, or field hockey champ, show his or her teammates that it’s not all cleats and soccer shorts. On the field, they dress to play, but what about at the award ceremony at the end of the season? Not only will your champions be receiving recognition for a season well played, they’ll be showing off how good they can look off the field. Sports already build confidence, so why not emphasize that by helping them be confident in their appearance as well?

These girls or boys formal clothes also help your baby realize the importance of specific events. School is a difficult place for many, so it makes sense many schools are applauding the successful transition from one level to another. Help to emphasize these milestones along the way by dressing your mini-graduate up for his or her sixth, seventh, and eighth grade graduation. You’ll be helping him understand the significance of these achievements, while creating a fantastic photo op to share with family and friends.

Dress Their Best for a Formal Occasion

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

On a day-to-day basis, children dress in basic, albeit adorable, clothes. But sometimes a different level of attire is required. Whether you have a little girl who is counting the seconds until she gets to put on her best dress or a little boy who has never met a white shirt he couldn’t stain, Puddles Collection can help them look their best.communiondress

The dressier occasions start almost at your little one’s birth. At only a few weeks old, children begin their induction into their religious life. The whole family gathers around as the child has his or her Baptism, Brit Milah, Simchat Bat, Child Dedication, or one of many other rites of initiation into the family. Dressing your baby in a gorgeous christening gown or one of our communion dresses is a wonderful way to show your pride and joy.

Afterward, you’ll want to make sure there are always several options in his or her closet for dressing in their “Sunday best.” For these regularly worn formal clothes, you’ll want something that is both comfortable and easy to maintain. Machine washable is a must, but you also want to avoid fabrics that will irritate your child’s delicate skin.

So when else will your child need to dress his best? How about family weddings? As cousins, aunts, uncles, and even brothers and sisters get married, your little boy may be called upon to bear some rings and your little girl will be in charge of the flowers. While you don’t want him or her to steal the show (at least not too much), you will need to dress them to impress.

From there, your baby will soon be going to school dances. As any eight year old will tell you, their clothes are one of the most important parts of the dance. You want them to look great, comfortable, and in style. When they know they look great, they’ll have the confidence to dance the night away.

Even events like a friend’s birthday party are chances to be show stealers. As they build up their style, they’ll be the talk of the party, both among the parents and their friends. With the best clothes, they’ll be looking for excuses to get dressed up.

So what’s the next one they’ll find? How about pageants, parties, and family events. They’ll love good enough to walk the red carpet with all the best celebrities. With easy to use and maintain clothing, you’ll love the gorgeous outfits almost as much as they do. Check out our boys clothes and girls clothes for more formal wear ideas.

Look Great at Your Winter Pageant

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

A pageant is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the beauty and wonder, both inside and out, of your wonderful little angel. Girls can get dressed up in some of the fanciest clothes they are likely to wear until their wedding day, and boys can don suits that will transform into young men right before your eyes.

Pageants are also an opportunity to show off some of the talents inside your little one. Pair your little one with a suitable partner and let them dance the night away. Or let your little baby show off some solo skills with singing, gymnastics, baton twirling, or any other skill that is sure to wow the judges. Even you will catch your breath as you watch your little one light up the stage.

girls pageant dresses

While you’ll see your baby girl as grown up during the talent show, she’ll feel amazing the second she puts on one of her beautiful girls pageant dresses. With lace, ribbons, and bows, you’ll have a hard time pulling her away from the mirror and onto the stage. She’ll finally feel as beautiful as you see her each and every day.

If it’s your little boy who’s preparing to enter the pageant, he would certainly look dapper in an well fitted suit, but why not step the ensemble up a notch? Dress him in our boys formal clothes, a tux and bow tie, to help him look absolutely fantastic. You won’t be able to resist picturing him as he’ll look on his wedding day, so bring the tissues for when the tears start to come.

One of the most fun aspects of a pageant is that it generally requires a range of different outfits. It presents a great opportunity to try out different looks, colors, and styles, each one showcasing your baby’s beauty in a different way. Choosing the different outfits can be an event in itself.

As a mother-daughter excursion, browse the exciting range of dresses available in the Puddles Collection. Pick different colors, designs, patterns, and fabrics to show off all her beauty. You can even pick the perfect length for showing off her dance moves or framing her as she displays that gorgeous voice. No matter what image you hope to project, you can find an amazing range of beautiful, elegant dresses and suits with Puddles Collection.

Shopping Online For The Holidays

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Shopping online is the easiest way to prepare for the holidays. The internet makes it possible to shop from the comfort of your house.  You can research gifts and comparison shop saving time and effort.  As you prepare to start shopping online, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Start early to avoid rush shipping fees, especially with personalized or custom items
  • Make a list of everything you need to buy and try to combine orders to avoid increased shipping costs
  • Comparison shop on several websites before making a decision
  • Check the company’s return/exchange policy
  • Check the shipping and handling time frame
  • Ship gifts directly to the recipient if time or distance is an issue
  • If you have never ordered from a site before, look for customer testimonials, reviews, and privacy policy
  • Sign up for a website’s newsletter and facebook group to receive coupons and sale notifications
  • Choose a site that has a payment option you are comfortable with
  • Double check the order before confirming
  • Save all e-mail receipts until after you know the item does not need to be returned or exchanged
  • Keep track of how much you have  spent on your original list

Shopping can be overwhelming, but being organized and starting early can make it much easier!

Styling Tiffany Espensen for the Kids Choice Awards

Friday, April 8th, 2011

Last week I received an intriguing phone call from Melinda at Womentorz.  A young actress named Tiffany Espensen (now appearing in the movie Hop) needed a dress for the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.  Is this something I could help with?  Of course!  That evening I met with Tiffany and her mom, Robin (and her grandma!)  on the set of her new Nickelodeon show “Bucket and Skinner’s Epic Adventures”.  She tried on six dresses and looked fabulous in all of them.  We spent an hour being girly and looking through dresses and getting ideas of which would fit her style the best.  This family is so nice and they were very easy to work with.

The next day I came back to the set during rehearsal with the final selections: the April Dress and the Trinity Dress.  The only decision left was which dress to wear to the Friday pre awards party and which she would wear down the Orange carpet to the Awards show.  Tiffany invited me to have lunch with her family (which I tell you was much better than the Lean Cuisine I was planning on eating back at the office) and a tour of the stage.  How fun is that!  This looks like it will be another great Nickelodeon show for kids with some laughs for parents as well.

Here is Tiffany trying on the dresses.

The Pre Party Dress

The Awards Show Dress













And here is Tiffany on the Orange carpet with the cast.

Cast of Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures at the 24th Annual Nickalodeon Kids Choice Awards

Tiffany at the 24th Annual Kids Choice Awards

This was truly a fun experience and I look forward to working with Tiffany again in the future.  You can catch up with all her tweets or find her on facebook.  I suspect we will see a lot more of this talented young actress in the near future!

And one last picture, me and Tiffany!

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