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4 Formal Looks Every Kid Needs for Summer

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

You could fry an egg on the sidewalk. And yet, you keep getting invited to formal events that take place out of doors. Even if it’s an indoor event, there’s still the car ride there and back, and that excruciating twelve seconds before the A/C in your car starts working. Make sure your little debutantes are stocked up with the best looks a festive summer.

summer formal clothes for kids

1. High temps? Try a high-low dress

The high-low girls dress, featuring a hem that’s longer in the back than in the front, first came into fashion during the Victorian era. Also called a “mullet” skirt, the front of a high-low skirt won’t get in your daughter’s way while she shakes a leg, but the length in the back makes the outfit adorably formal.

2. Organza extravaganza

If you need something that goes great with the heat but still looks formal enough for an upscale event, try a sleeveless dress made from light, fluffy organza. Organza is a thin weave that floats airily over a crinoline, creating a full skirt that won’t feel too heavy for the heat. These tea length dresses come in white, embroidered with colorful, abstract patterns. For a cute, modern look, consider a high-low organza dress.

3. Keep those rays away.

It’s notoriously difficult to get little boys to put on fancy outfits, especially when it’s blistering hot out. Dark colors absorb the sun, so keep them cool with suits in light colors. A white formal suit or tuxedo is the next best thing to getting a suit with air conditioning built in. White suits are a notoriously bold fashion choice – they scream Malibu, Miami, LA – anywhere warm and fashion-forward. Don’t worry about Labor Day – as long as it’s over 72 degrees, you can’t go wrong with a white suit in the summer.

4. No sleeves, please!

Just because you’re going to a fancy event doesn’t mean you can’t take some practical measures. Keep everything ventilated with minimal sleevage. A sleeveless dress with a beautiful cascading bow, and a skirt made from layered organza and polytafetta, will make your daughter feel like she’s floating on a cloud. Or get your sleeveless look in a comfortable polysatin fabric, in a dress that will keep your daughter comfortable and wrinkle-free.

Don’t trap your son in a shirt with sleeves he has to roll up – get a selection of short-sleeved dress shirts for the summer and keep everybody happy.


Best Colors for Spring

Monday, May 19th, 2014

It’s not just Easter that makes pastels a popular choice for kids in the spring. Lighter colors reflect sunlight, while darker colors absorb it. So there you have it, the science of Easter colors. When you’re dressing children up for a formal occasion, encourage them to try something outside of their favorites. We don’t always think to wear the color that looks the best with our complexion!

spring girls dresses

Back in the 1980s, young beauties were supposed to find a season of colors that matched their skin tone, eye color and hair color. Supposedly, your coloring dictates how bright or how saturated a color palette you should use. These rules have gone out of style, but there are some basic rules of Color Theory to follow to ensure your child’s formal boys suit or girls dress brings out their natural beauty.

1. Green

In the list of favorite colors, green often gets short shrift. Green looks great with brown or hazel eyes, and will garner your red-haired child lots of compliments. We can explain this phenomenon using Color Theory – red and green look good together because they are opposite each other on a standard color wheel.

2. White with colorful details

A flower girl classic, you can’t beat the pastel-and-white combo for epitomizing a happy-go-lucky springtime feeling. Sashes and brightly colored bows make a white dress look more festive than formal. Since white is a cooler color, it makes pastels look especially bright by contrast.

3. Lavender

If you have a brown-eyed girl or boy, lavender will quickly become their best friend. A cool shade of lavender makes brown eyes look especially warm. Lavender is also a great color in a shade of pastel, and matches a beautifully-scented bouquet of everyone’s favorite springtime fragrance.

4. Yellow and Orange

Controversial color alert! Both of these serial offenders often look unflattering on adults. But while they can make grown-ups with pale skin look washed-out, children are more likely to have the ruddy complexion to pull it off. It also helps if they’ve been running around outside, developing a tan. The less pale the skin, the nicer it looks with especially bright colors. In pictures, kids dressed in yellow and orange really stand out from the crowd!

5. Pastels

Any shade of pastel will make your child look picture-perfect for spring. Because we associate lighter colors with new growth, pastels highlight your children’s youth and all-around cuteness.

Be sure to shop Puddles’ Girls Formal and Boys Formal collections for the perfect looks for any season!

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Thursday, April 10th, 2014

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Elegant Dresses for Every Occasion

Friday, October 18th, 2013

When your little girl is invited to her first formal party, wedding, or graduation, or needs a beautiful outfit for church, you want her to be both comfortable and elegant. All without having to dip into her college fund. Puddles Collection has a huge selection of elegant girls’ dresses so you’re sure to find the perfect match for your princess.

At a friend’s party, you know she’s likely to be running around, sitting on the floor, and moving the entire time (except, of course, at the cake serving). It’s more important than ever to have a dress that lets her move and feel special at the same time. Consider a dress that ties at the waist with a beautiful bow or flower. Add a touch of lace in the skirt to create a truly classy look without sacrificing any comfort.

For a more formal event, the dress must match the occasion. A communion dress will meet the moment in its elegance. You can combine a ball gown look and feel with the simple tie to create a beautiful and practical look. Add volume without adding discomfort using a tiered skirt. A gathered skirt is another great look: she’ll feel like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Combine it with capped sleeves for an adorable look that won’t fall off the shoulders as she runs.

Just because it’s not a special occasion doesn’t mean she shouldn’t look like a princess. With simple designs and adorable patterns, she can light up the room every day of the week. If she’s too active to comfortably wear dresses every day, you can create an adorable look by pairing a sweater dress with matching leggings.

elegant dresses for special moments

Worried about the changing seasons as you find an adorable summer dress with winter right around the corner? Include an incredible sweater to keep her warm through the fall months. When it gets even chillier, a dress coat will give her a classic elegance. Choose a coat with a matching hat and fur trim to have her look beautiful both indoors and outdoors.

Whether she’s into Velcro or strappy heels, no outfit is complete without a great pair of shoes. Pick patent leather in a variety of colors to add a bit of extra shine or add a bow to create a truly eye catching look. Your little princess will be the talk of the party with her incredible look and elegant style. Just be careful; once she has these gorgeous clothes on, she may never want to take them off.

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Friday, September 30th, 2011

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Friday, August 27th, 2010

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Tackling The Vacation Plans

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

I booked our summer vacation a few months ago, meaning airplane tickets and hotel reservations.  So today I am tackling car reservations.  We have two families going on this adventure and I think with the massive amounts of luggage we will have with four adults and four kids (ages 3-5) we will need two cars.  Leaves more flexibility for excursions as well.  I’ve priced it all out today so just need to book it!

So now onto activities.  So far our family has one major outing scheduled, a college football game.  But I plan to scout out a few local restaurants, shaved ice shops, and other hang outs for us to make some visits to.  As much as the kids love the beach and pool we will need to have a few other fun things to do on the schedule, including some indoor options.

Then there’s packing which I don’t even want to think about yet!

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Friday, July 16th, 2010

Blog hopping on this sunny Friday!

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Fun Follow Friday!

Friday, July 9th, 2010

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