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Colors for Fall

What colors go with fall? Looking out the window, you’re thinking earth tones, punctuated with bright bursts of orange and red. Brown leaves, orange leaves, brown ears of Indian corn, orange pumpkins. Seasonal advertisements probably encourage you to match – we’re so enamored with the changing color of the leaves we want to adopt the same palette to our wardrobe. There’s a lot to say for warm, autumnal colors. Most people those shades to pull off, no matter what their complexion.

boys dress suits for fall

But if your little one feels the brown and orange a little drab – and a little 70s – we recommend taking your inspiration from somewhere other than nature. When you’re picking a back-to-school wardrobe, think outside the seasonal box. It’s never too soon to start planning for Halloween – arguably the most colorful holiday.

Halloween allows you to take your sense of style to the extreme, no matter what your age. Fill your child’s wardrobe with clothes that preview what kind of fashion sense they’ll strut on October 31st.

Does your son want to look like a super hero? Make him a style champion in a boy’s dress suit. Tell him he may be Superman on Halloween, but the rest of the days he can be Clark Kent – in a dapper suit and a sharp tie.

It might seem eccentric later in life, but if your daughter wants to wear a tiara, or elbow-length gloves (or both!), why not? Let them explore what kind of impact you can make with a little bit of dress-up on an average day.

It’s a shame to get a costume that you can only wear once. If your daughter wants to go as something grand, why not get her a girl’s formal dress that she can accessorize with a pail full of candy, and then wear to an occasion later? Browse girl’s formal dresses to see what could double as a princess, a sailor, or Santa’s elf. Same goes for accessories – a bow or a veil could make a great addition to a costume one day and an essential addition to an outfit the next.

When you find your boys and girls colorful costumes they love, they’ll want to wear them every day. Anyone can wear a costume. It takes real personality to have a unique sense of fashion any day of the year.

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