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Dress Their Best for a Formal Occasion

On a day-to-day basis, children dress in basic, albeit adorable, clothes. But sometimes a different level of attire is required. Whether you have a little girl who is counting the seconds until she gets to put on her best dress or a little boy who has never met a white shirt he couldn’t stain, Puddles Collection can help them look their best.communiondress

The dressier occasions start almost at your little one’s birth. At only a few weeks old, children begin their induction into their religious life. The whole family gathers around as the child has his or her Baptism, Brit Milah, Simchat Bat, Child Dedication, or one of many other rites of initiation into the family. Dressing your baby in a gorgeous christening gown or one of our communion dresses is a wonderful way to show your pride and joy.

Afterward, you’ll want to make sure there are always several options in his or her closet for dressing in their “Sunday best.” For these regularly worn formal clothes, you’ll want something that is both comfortable and easy to maintain. Machine washable is a must, but you also want to avoid fabrics that will irritate your child’s delicate skin.

So when else will your child need to dress his best? How about family weddings? As cousins, aunts, uncles, and even brothers and sisters get married, your little boy may be called upon to bear some rings and your little girl will be in charge of the flowers. While you don’t want him or her to steal the show (at least not too much), you will need to dress them to impress.

From there, your baby will soon be going to school dances. As any eight year old will tell you, their clothes are one of the most important parts of the dance. You want them to look great, comfortable, and in style. When they know they look great, they’ll have the confidence to dance the night away.

Even events like a friend’s birthday party are chances to be show stealers. As they build up their style, they’ll be the talk of the party, both among the parents and their friends. With the best clothes, they’ll be looking for excuses to get dressed up.

So what’s the next one they’ll find? How about pageants, parties, and family events. They’ll love good enough to walk the red carpet with all the best celebrities. With easy to use and maintain clothing, you’ll love the gorgeous outfits almost as much as they do. Check out our boys clothes and girls clothes for more formal wear ideas.

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