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Dressing Infants for Formal Occasions

Your beautiful baby is the talk of the party regardless of what he or she’s dressed in, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get a few extra “oohs” and “aahs” when you walk into a Christmas party with a miniature Santa by your side. Dressing your infant in beautiful outfits is adorable in the moment and creates the opportunity have photos and memories you can’t wait to display.

beautiful infant dresses

For those who are on a crawling rampage, choose one of our infant dresses that reaches their knees and has layers of lace. While she’s sitting, the layers will cover her lap, giving a full, bushy, adorable appearance. When she’s on the move, the layers will cover her diaper, so she keeps that lady-like look.

In the chillier months, you can keep her warm by pairing the dress with white stockings. Not only will she stay warm,  you can stop trying to keep track of those socks that seem to keep mysteriously disappearing. What’s more, the look will be perfectly complimented by black patent leather shoes, though we make no promises as to how long those will stay on.

You can pick any color you’d like, but there are some combinations that are sure to be crowd pleasers. A classic black and white plaid dress is beautiful, but it really pops when a dash of color is added. Tie a lacey pink sash around her waist, especially one with floral accents, and she’ll be the perfect combination of elegant and childish.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with a traditional sailor outfit. The stripes, bows, and matching hat combine to make her look like a miniature boater. For the perfect final touch, gold buttons will act as a throwback to the original peacoat worn by navymen. It’s ideal for a costume party or just a night on the town.

The popular sleeve style of the moment is capped sleeves. These small additions add a little poof to the shoulders, but naturally stay in place, making the parents’ job much easier. However, the short sleeves provide little protection from the cold, so consider adding a matching button-up sweater. It’s easy to get on and off, but covers well and adds a layer that helps her be comfortable in any temperature. For visiting a friend’s home that may or may not be a little chilly, it’s the perfect touch. Whatever you add, get ready for your little one to get tons of attention and be part of countless pictures.

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