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Easy Solution for Packing Lunches

I started using Easy Luncboxes about a year ago to pack my son lunch for school. I really like how easy it is to use. There are three compartments to fill. I use the large compartment for the main part of the meal and the other two for a fruit and a veggie. I also include one other item for additional snack in the cooler bag separate from the lunchbox (chex mix, yogurt, applesauce, etc.) If we have leftovers from dinner I can literally pack lunch in about two minutes before dinner is even cleared from the table. I can’t imagine putting everything into it’s own little container. And washing them is super easy as well, they are dishwasher safe! And you can check here for healthy lunch ideas.  I can definitely recommend this product based on my own experience using the lunch boxes.

The owner of EasyLunchboxes is a fellow mom. She has started a new web series called “Let’s Do Lunch”. Remember Greg Brady?

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