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Fall Formal Events for Kids

With the school year in swing and the holidays approaching, there are lots more extracurricular activities to add to you and your child’s calendar. Don’t be caught off guard when your mailbox floods with invitations! And make sure your son or daughter’s wardrobe is fully prepared.

fall formal clothes

Churches often take the opportunity of cooler outdoor weather to put on events – picnics, choir events, fundraisers – all times when you want to make sure you have a nice formal outfit on hand. Even if it’s not a formal occasion, your child can wear a more casual girl’s party dress or a boy’s button-up shirt to family events.

Older siblings and cousins often come with their own events that will require the most junior members of the family to show up in their finery. Commencement ceremonies, fall weddings, back-to-school events – don’t leave your little one out of the fancy affairs! In a new girl’s formal dress or boy’s dress suit they’ll blend right in.

In many areas, fall months coincide with a state or county fair. These are great events for kids to attend, especially if they can get involved with a special project or a performance of their own. At the end of the competitions, make sure your child has a special outfit to wear to the closing ceremony. No matter what color ribbon they take home at the end of the day, they’ll look great in the pictures you took of them on stage.

Halloween is a great time for dress up, and October and November also inspire a slew of harvest festivals. These parties are a great excuse to enjoy the weather, bob for apples, and indulge in some fall treats – hot cider toddies for the adults, caramel apples for the kids. Break out some new accessories, like a snappy boy’s hat or a new pair of girl’s shoes, to add a little pizazz to your child’s outfit.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, think about what kind of outfit will look best in your family portraits. Even if you’re nervous about a nice dress around a gravy boat, you can always bring something more casual to change into. Thanksgiving can be a frantic time, and preparing a huge meal leaves means you might not want to think about frills and bowties. Leave some breathing room between pulling things out of the oven and leaving for grandma’s house. While the pies cool, get yourself and your kids gussied up in new formal girl’s dresses and boy’s suits, before they see all their relatives from far and wide.

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