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Fall Wedding Season 2010

Fall wedding season is here!  It seems like 2010 is flying by.  Fall weddings are unique because the weather is a little more unpredictable (we have all been frozen at a fall outdoor ceremony, right?) and there are several holidays to contend with.

You most definitely do not have to stick with traditional fall colors.  Weddings come with their own color trends.  This year plum, fuchsia, silver and dark sage and big hits.

Just because it’s fall you are not required to hold the ceremony indoors.  However, make sure there is a plan in case of inclement weather.  Have heaters available and remind guests to bring a coat.

You can use the season to inspire your party favors.  Pumpkin scented candles, leaf shaped candy, or matchbooks for lighting those winter fires can all work.

Having a few seasonal food items can be fun, but stick to an overall menu that you think most people will enjoy.  Butternut squash, fig, apple, and pumpkin can be worked into appealing appetizers and desserts.  Some great choices are apple tarts, pumpkin spread on crostinis, and butternut squash hummus.

This biggest thing to remember is that just because it’s fall you do not need to theme your wedding.  Pick colors, food, and dresses that you like and work for you.

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