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First Communion Traditions

Like every rite of passage, First Communion can make the stars of the show a bit nervous. First Communion is also probably the first religious ceremony your child will remember. However sacred the ceremony, children have notorious difficulty maintaining fidget-free posture. While the priest does his bit, glimpsing down at their brand-new finery will remind your child that they are the most important part of the service.

communion favors

Communion Favors

For girls, tradition dictates that the First Communion dress must be white. Many families attach significant sentimental value to their daughter’s First Communion outfit for just that reason – the next time they see her in a white dress, she’ll be walking down the aisle. Unlike a wedding, this isn’t just your daughter’s special day. She is sharing the white dress limelight with all the girls in her Sunday school posse. Look for dramatic details that will make her dress stand out from the other mini-brides. Layers of different textures can make a First Communion dress unique to your daughter. Or, consider going against a trend. Dresses for little girls tend to be on the poofier side, so a dress with a smaller skirt will set her apart.

As usual, the requirements for boys’ outfits are a little more straightforward. With a special suit and shined shoes, your son will be ready to demonstrate every ounce of 7-year-old poise he can muster. If this is your son’s first suit experience, consider demonstrating how to tie a tie. Once he tires his hand at a Windsor knot, he’ll love the idea of a clip-on (an accessory he may not have initially embraced).

Many girls choose to wear a veil for their First Communion, to symbolize their lifelong commitment to the faith. In keeping with this theme, consider getting your son to try out a typical groom ensemble. What could be more grown-up than a full-blown tuxedo? Besides, there is absolutely nothing cuter than a junior-sized cummerbund.

It’s important to get your child involved in the shopping process for their communion dress (or if they’re a boy, a boys dress suit). Since they’ve reached a new benchmark in their maturity, let them know that their opinion counts. Helping to choose what they wear will give the newest members of the flock a boost of confidence. On the big day they should love their outfit, and feel excited show everyone how much they’ve grown up since their christening gown.

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