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Formal Dressing Tips for the Holidays

The holidays are a busy time in anyone’s life, but for a parent of young children the holidays can be even more hectic. Holiday events, family gatherings, and photos call for formal wear at least some of the time, and wrangling your kids into such outfits can be a challenge. How do you keep the holidays both fun and formal for you and your children? Check out our tips below.

christmas formal clothes

Pick the Perfect Fabric

As adults, we are (usually) pros at dealing with uncomfortable situations and are used to having to wear scratchy sweaters, ties, heels, and so on. For children, it’s not so easy. Choose a boys dress suit or infant girl dress that is made of comfortable fabrics. There are plenty of styles to choose from at Puddles Collection, so if your child does not favor a tight collar, or doesn’t like sleeves, or ruffles, (or does!) you can choose the perfect outfit that will keep them smiling through family functions.

Keep it Fun with Accessories

Children are easily distracted, and the difference between a frown and the perfect smile can sometimes be a toy or, in this case, an accessory. Especially for little girls, we offer a number of accessories that match our girls dresses and can add some flair to the look. From girls jewelry to tiaras and purses, Puddles Collection can keep your child engaged while wearing formal wear.

Limit Wear

Whether your child loves the formal boys clothing or girls clothing they are dressed in for the holidays or not, it’s probably a good idea to limit the wear. While kids certainly grow up fast, you can usually get several events out of one formal outfit, if not more, and hand-me-downs are a better option when the clothing is in great shape. While it’s good to have kids feel comfortable and not too stuffy in formal clothes, when it comes down to play time, it’s probably good to dress down.

Fight Stains

With all the delicious holiday treats on the table during the winter, stains are certainly a possible danger. Make sure to bring baby wipes and stain markers to attack stains when they happen. This will help keep your family looking great throughout the holidays. Enjoy!

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