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Formal Shoe Shopping Over the Holidays

Kids can grow so quickly that they might need another pair of shoes every month. But don’t despair – nice shoes, made from high-quality material, will go a long way toward making them feel comfortable in their formal ensemble. Besides, Velcro fasteners make shoes the easiest part of the outfit to put on.

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Every little girl should have a pair of adorable, round-toed Mary Janes in her wardrobe. Make that at least two – get one pair of girl’s shoes in shiny material and another in a matte color. Get one pair in black, and the other in white, so you have a pair to go with every outfit.

Little boy’s shoes come in a similarly cute style – a round-toed shoe with a Velcro buckle. More advanced gentlemen can sign up for the shoes with laces, in patent leather or a two-tone fabric. For an all-out, card-carrying future member of the GQ fashion squad, get a square-toed formal shoe. Consider adding a slip-on to his shoe collection for church events, or in case one of his elementary school friends regularly attends soirees aboard a yacht.

If your little girl is approaching elementary graduation, introduce her to the world of grown-up girl’s shoes. With an itty bitty kitten heel, she’ll be able to walk with ease. This girl’s shoe will make her feel like she’s ready for the red carpet – it also comes with an open toe, so she can show off her pedicure.

To make sure your child has a perfect fit for their shoe, follow a few simple steps. Check both ends of the shoe. You need about half an inch from the end of the toe to the front of the shoe. Make sure you can fit a pinky finger between the back of the shoe and your child’s heel. Your child might not be able to tell how well their shoes fit them. Watch your child walk in the shoes to make sure they look comfortable. Show them how to do a runway walk so they can show of their shoes with a brand new strut!

Make sure they do some walking in their new shoes, so they can break them in before they wear them to an event. Look for shoes made with flexible material, to ensure your child’s feet will stay comfortable while they skip through your next formal occasion.


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