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Infant Holiday Dress Tips

As an adult, you probably already know the drill for the holiday season, but if you have a child or grandchild under the age of one, keep in mind that this is his or her first time experiencing this year end extravaganza. There are guaranteed to be plenty of photo-worthy moments as your child takes in all the lights, decorations, music, and toys associated with the holidays, so why not make sure your little one looks their best?

infant holiday dresses

If ever there was a good time of year to get your little girl all dressed up, this is it. Let her celebrate this special occasion in a beautiful tea length dress with a bow accent or a fun knee length taffeta dress. While you might gravitate towards lighter-colored dresses during the warmer months, December is a good time to choose outfits in rich colors such as red or teal (these darker colors have the built-in benefit of being less likely than lighter colors to show a stain). Finish the look off with a cute pair of tights or ruffled socks and infant Mary Jane-style shoes in black or red.

Need to dress up a baby boy for an upcoming holiday event? Consider showing off his dapper side with a pair of infant suspenders over a dress shirt and dress pants. Or, if it feels a little chilly, dress him up in a warm, stylish cable knit sweater. Dark colors like crimson and navy blue are particularly elegant winter hues (again, these colors are less likely to show stains than lighter shades). Don’t forget the footwear–if your child is growing into the toddler stage, let him show off his newfound walking skills in a pair of patent leather dress shoes.

Keep in mind that at this age, your child isn’t likely to sit quietly and avoid messes just because they have a fancy outfit on (but you already knew that). Holiday outfits for infants work best when worn for a short period of time, such as for a holiday photo or for making an entrance at grandma’s house. Cherish the moment while it lasts, but consider bringing a pair of back-up clothes for your child to play with their toys and eat their holiday dinner in. If your child isn’t a fan of wearing shoes for more than a few minutes at a time, let them wear just a nice-looking pair of socks instead. There will be plenty more opportunities for your baby to get all decked out in their holiday finest in one of our holiday dresses for girls as they get a little older!

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