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Turning Your Little Boy Into A Prince With Our Formal Clothing

It’s true that when you picture your little prince, you probably picture him wrestling in the dirt, playing video games on the couch, or finding new ways to challenge your cleaning skills. But you know with a little love, and a lot of patience, you will someday turn him into the gentleman you know he can be. Hopefully.

In the meantime, he’s going to have to play the part at a variety of formal occasions. Though his best friend’s birthday party is a chance for him to run around and eat cake, it’s also a chance for him to show off his inner panache. Whether he’s sporting a stylish suit, button down shirt, or a swanky new tie, he’ll be both elegant and comfortable at the big event.

Make your son a little prince in our dress clothes!Childhood is also a time when kids start to develop their relationship with the church. What they wear at each of these events reflects not only the formality of the occasion, but also the respect that the family and community has for God. Marking each special event with an appropriately special outfit is part of the process to build a relationship with the Church.

The first step, of course, is a baby’s Christening. While little girls look like mini-brides in their beautiful gowns, baby boys are equally stunning in pure white gowns reminiscent of tuxedos or even priestly robes. Each of our gowns comes with a hat that ties securely around your baby’s head.

After the Baptism, that little boy will accompany the family each week to services, giving you the opportunity to dress your toddler in one of our comfortable and easy mini boys dress suits. As he gets big enough to dress himself, you can transition him into three piece suits. The perfect time to show off this new look is at his First Communion. As he walks down the church aisle and receives this holy sacrament, he’ll feel confident yet respectful, and you’re sure to feel nothing but pride and love.

For each Sunday and each event, you can create a new look by changing the color of the dress shirt and tie so he’ll never get tired of his look and he can stay fresh without needing a new suit again and again. Neutral shirts are perfect for occasions of somberness or seriousness. Bright blues, purples, and reds are more festive and perfect for fun, celebratory events.

No matter what the occasion, you can find the perfect fit by browsing the Puddles Collection.

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