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Preparing Thanksgiving for 22

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Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  It’s a time to get the family and perhaps some close friends together to enjoy a meal and good company.  No presents to stress about.  In our house it’s about the food, wine, people, and some football.

This time of year always sneaks up me though.  We are expecting 22 people this year for Thanksgiving (including ourselves), but thankfully it is our family tradition for everyone to bring a dish.  I have already started working out the menu:  deviled eggs, cheese tray, turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, broccoli-cauliflower gratin, creamed corn, sweet potato, fruit salad, and pies.  The  guest list and grocery list are in Google docs.  I love having my lists web based!

Starting early really does save money.  I usually need to go to Costco, Smart and Final, and Ralphs (our local grocery store).  I bake a 20 lb bird and then deep fry a 12 pounder.  The grocery store usually has the best deals on turkeys with a minimum purchase, which is easily met with today’s grocery prices. I borrow extra tables and chairs to accommodate the large group.

On to the best part, choosing the drinks!  I like to have a nice selection of wine for each stage of the day.  A nice Prosecco champagne during the appetizers.   The main course will be accompanied by Ferrari Carrano Fume Blanc, Groth Sauvignon Blanc, Sterling Chardonnay, and Sanford Pinot Noir. Since my family like heavy reds we will also have some Liberty School Cabernet on hand.  I usually purchase the wine at Costco, but also check BevMo or Cost Plus World Market.  Beer drinkers will enjoy some Stella Artois and Fat Tire.  I will also make some fresh lemonade and coffee.  Sodas are a must as well so in addition to the basics we have Henry Weinhard’s Root Beer and Black Cherry soda.

I am starting to feel prepared.  Just need to start the shopping!

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