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Spring Formal Events

As the Earth gets closer to the Sun in its annual revolution, Mom’s calendar fills to the brim with once-in-a-lifetime events. April showers bring May flowers – and a slew of weddings, anniversaries, and First Communions. You’ll be in and out of church so much you’ll wish they’d put in a revolving door. Stock up on all the boys suits and girls dresses your children will need to dazzle the relatives they “Haven’t seen since they were only THIS big!”

spring formal girls dresses

From the time they can walk (maybe even before!), your children have unique, undeniable personalities. They figure out pretty quickly how to make that known through their choice of dress. Does your daughter see herself as a pageant participant, 24/7? In the world of grown-up formal wear, you rarely see a full skirt outside of wedding gowns. Only at a young age can you get away with the classic princess look. Let your daughter take full advantage!

On the other hand, your little girl might want a look that resembles the favorite styles of her current role-models. But don’t let her get away with growing up too fast. Your junior fashionista can opt for a modern, geometric floral pattern or a dramatic gathered skirt. Even without poofs and crinoline, she can radiate her own brand of youthful joie de vivre.

Your son can get in on the pageant parade of a formal event as well. He may not get as many ribbons and curls, but with a bit of spit and polish he’ll shine like a new dime. Transitioning from the casual sandbox look to formal wear can feel confining, so make sure his suit can be quickly adjusted. In case he finds a formal jacket too restrictive, a vest will set him apart from the crowd of drab polo shirts, without making him feel he has limited use of his arms.

All too often, children look back with regret at the outfits their parents made them wear to formal events. A kilt? Poofy sleeves? Mom, what were you thinking? But you have good taste. So pass it on! During the year’s wedding season, all eyes will be on your bonny lads and lasses as they strut their stuff on the dance floor for the first time. Give them an outfit that will add to their nostalgia for their first whirl at the Macarena.

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