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Staying Warm and Festive: Winter Looks for Kids

Your kids shouldn’t feel like being asked to bundle up before going outside is some kind of punishment. If you want your kids to actually be enthusiastic about dressing for the weather, you’ll need to make sure they love the look of their winter clothes.

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The key to assembling a winter outfit that your child looks and feels great in is to master the art of layering. By adding layers, your son or daughter can get extra mileage out of some of their favorite warmer weather clothing while staying comfortable. For example, if your daughter has a favorite dress that she just can’t bear to put away, help her winterize her look by adding a pair of tights and a cardigan or knit sweater. If your son is clinging to his favorite T-shirt, help him dress it up and stay warm by adding a sweater or light jacket.

Another part of the winter outfit you’ll need to consider is footwear. Start by making sure your kids have warm, comfortable socks (it’s hard to stay happy in school or at home with cold feet, after all). Next, pick out shoes or boots that look good but are also practical. For example, if you live somewhere that usually has icy surfaces in the winter, you’ll want to make sure your kids’ footwear has plenty of grip. If you live somewhere that gets a lot of snow, you’ll want to look for a pair of insulated, waterproof boots that at least come up to your child’s ankles. As far as the look goes, take your child’s personality and tastes into account. You could purchase the warmest boots in the world, but it wouldn’t do much good if your son or daughter refuses to wear them.

Finally, you can’t forget to top your child’s winter look off with a weather-appropriate outer layer. If your little girl is wrinkling her nose at the puffy parka she wore last year, she may be ready for a more grown-up coat. Try a long fleece coat with cute accents like buttons, ribbons, and a faux fur lining. For a fashion-forward boy, try a black or grey pea coat or a lightly padded coat in his favorite color. Again, you should let your child have some input whenever possible so that they end up with a coat they will actually wear.

It’s certainly possible for kids’ fashion and comfort to coexist during the winter. Put together a winter wardrobe made up of great accessories and holiday dresses or holiday suits that fits your child’s personality and bundling up won’t be a chore.

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