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Tackling The Vacation Plans

I booked our summer vacation a few months ago, meaning airplane tickets and hotel reservations.  So today I am tackling car reservations.  We have two families going on this adventure and I think with the massive amounts of luggage we will have with four adults and four kids (ages 3-5) we will need two cars.  Leaves more flexibility for excursions as well.  I’ve priced it all out today so just need to book it!

So now onto activities.  So far our family has one major outing scheduled, a college football game.  But I plan to scout out a few local restaurants, shaved ice shops, and other hang outs for us to make some visits to.  As much as the kids love the beach and pool we will need to have a few other fun things to do on the schedule, including some indoor options.

Then there’s packing which I don’t even want to think about yet!

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