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Boys Easter Clothing

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

The smaller your children are, the easier it is to convince them to dress up.  As they get older, particularly the boys may start to give you a hard time about getting in a suit so it’s good to make it a tradition.  Easter is one of those great holidays where many people still put on their dress clothes.  There are tons of girls Easter dresses to choose from, but boys have fewer options.  A classic look that has come back into style is this four piece boys suit that includes the pants, shirt, vest, and tie.


Colorful shirts are very fashionable right now with turquoise, fuchsia, and purple being the most popular.  For Easter and spring you will find lavender, pink, yellow, sage, and periwinkle also top the list.  Clip on ties are a life saver for young boys.  They don’t feel tight around the neck and you don’t have to worrying about tying them.  Elastic in the back of the waist makes the pants flexible.

If you want a more casual look you can pair a dress shirt and tie combination with a nice pair of dress pants.  These two will make a handsome outfit.


And don’t forget the feet!  A nice pair of dress socks and shoes will complete the outfit.  Choose 100% nylon socks for the dressiest look.  You want to make sure the socks are thin and will fit well inside dress shoes.  Never try to shove athletic socks into a dress shoe!  A new pair is best so there are no holes when he inevitably kicks off his shoes.


It always a good idea to have your child help you pick the outfit.  Narrow it down to a few selections that you like and then let the child make the final decision.  Or choose one outfit and let him pick the color.  You want it to be a happy day for everyone!

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