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Getting Ready For The Holidays

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

Does it feel like an endless list of things to do?  Parties, baking, shopping for gifts, buying the kids outfits and still making time for regular life.  It’s enough to make any parent stressed out.  My top strategy for surviving this time of year is making lists.  It’s the only way I can keep all of it straight.  With a child in school now there is even more going on!  And the gift list has certainly grown.  The biggest thing I can get out of the way before December is the holiday card.  Then after Thanksgiving the shopping begins.

I like to watch for coupons for my favorite stores and then strategically plan some shopping.  I used a Macy’s friends and family coupon to get my son a boys long sleeve plaid dress shirt and a red sweater for his holiday outfit.  The Ralph Lauren sweater was originally $50 and I paid $18. I had my son pick out the dress shirt so now he is excited to wear it. Look out for free shipping promotions and do some shopping on line.  Tomorrow is the last day to order from Amazon with free super saver shipping and receive your order by 12/24.  We have done a couple of things to make gift giving easier.  We are doing a book exchange with a few of my son’s friends.  Some relatives and I have decided to do donations to charity in lieu of gifts.

Remembering that it’s ok to say no is also a key to the season.  Stop and enjoy the things you really want to do.  Running the family ragged with activities will just wear everyone out.  We always carve out some time to go to Disneyland and see the decorations.  Create some new family traditions and celebrate some old ones.

I find squeezing in the every day things like grocery shopping and bill paying are starting to fall by the wayside.  So in addition to finding some to relax and sleep, don’t let the lights get turned out!

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