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Easter Is Coming, Time To Dress Up

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Little girls love playing dress up and there is no better time for fancy outfits than Easter! You can help make your daughter feel like a princess with so many Easter dresses to choose from. You can complete the outfit with fancy socks or tights, a cute sweater, nice shoes, and even a hat. Dress styles range from casual to formal. Having your little girl help you pick out the dress will be a fun experience for both of you and make her feel special for the holiday.

Some appropriate traits for Easter dresses:

Sleeve length: Sleeveless, cap sleeve, short sleeve, long sleeve
Dress length: Above the knee, knee length, tea length
Color: Pattern, solid color, pastels, bright colors
Features: Sashes, bows, flowers, ribbon

Dressing up for Easter can be such a fun experience for a little girl and will make the day even more special. Consider some nice age appropriate jewelry for the occasion.  A necklace or bracelet will complete the outfit.  And don’t forget about he hair.  You can style it up with a bow, a cute headband, or flower clips.

Make sure your little girl will be comfortable in the dress and that it fits properly.  If your child is between sizes, choose the larger size.  You can use a cute hair clip to cinch the dress in the back if it is a little baggy.  Also be sure the length is long enough so it still covers when she is bending over to pick up Easter eggs.  And don’t forget to take lots of pictures!

The Hannah Dress

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Our Little Ones in Puddle’s Dresses

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Holiday Fashions For Kids

Friday, November 13th, 2009

With the holiday season comes shopping fun!  I love buying the kids their holiday outfits.  So what are the hot trends for childrens’ outfits for this season?

morgan copyGirls Dresses:  Silver and purple are the two trendiest dress colors this season .  Traditional black and burgundy are always classic for holiday dresses.  Try a dress with a pattern or textured fabric this year.  Sleeveless dresses are in style so you may want to compliment the outfit with a cute bolero jacket.  For more casual holiday events consider a sweater dress.   What’s out?  Peter pan collars.

Girls Outfits: Try a preppy plaid skirt with a coordinating solid color top.  Corduroy and velvet skirts are also super cute and can be dressed up or down with accessories making them very versatile.  Add a pair of cable tights and black or red patent leather shoes.  What’s out?  Sheer tights.

jacksonwine copy

Boys Outfits: It’s all about the sweater vest this year.  You can buy them as a set with the vest, pants, and shirts or coordinate your own outfit with separates.  You can also find these sets with a traditional vest.  If vests are not your thing, try a long sleeve sweater or a blazer with a nice pair of corduroy pants.  For more formal events go with a tan pin stripe suit.  What’s out?  Wearing all black.

Whatever holiday style you go with, I highly recommend involving your child in the decision.  It is so much easier to get them dressed when they like the the clothes and feel like they had a say in the matter.  Of course you can guide them to a certain decision or just give them color choices within a style.

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