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St Patrick’s Day Activities

Friday, March 4th, 2011

St Patrick’s Day is almost here.  This is a holiday kids really get into.  It’s fun to be green!  Children celebrate this holiday in a very different way than adults do.  Many schools have leprechauns that come into the classroom leaving treats and causing a little mischief.  You can even try this at home for some fun.  Treats can be anything from stickers to gold coins to a piece of candy.  This is a great opportunity for you and your child to have  some fun together

  • Have green eggs and ham for dinner
  • Get free printables on line and do some coloring
  • Make and decorate a leprechaun hat
  • Play find the lucky clover  (the adult can hide, children can find)
  • Write a poem about St. Patrick’s Day
  • Check out and read a book from the library about St Patrick’s Day
  • Bake clover shaped green cookies
  • Hide gold coins around the house and collect in a pot of gold
  • Make a rainbow mobile
  • Play Irish hot potato
  • Make homemade shamrock shakes
  • Listen to some traditional Celtic music

Most of all this is an opportunity to have some fun!


Fun Summer Activities With The Kids

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

School’s out for summer!  How long until you hear the dreaded “I’m bored”.  Planning ahead can help keep the days running smoothly.  Here are some activities you can do with your family this summer that wont break the bank.

  • Library – many libraries have summer reading programs or story times.  You can also just visit the library to check out books.  Check out local bookstores for summer programs as well.
  • Zoo – Avoid the heat of the day and go in the early morning to get the most out of the zoo.  Look into memberships or discount days.
  • Children’s Museum – These can be less crowded during the summer months since there are fewer school field trips.  Call ahead to find a day where there are no camp or school visits.
  • Outdoor Fun – Make time to play in the front or back yard.  Bubbles, sidewalk chalk, scavenger hunt, kites, frisbee, and scooters all make for great outdoor fun.  If you have an area with dirt invest in a small shovel and pail.
  • Garden – Plant a garden in your back yard or find a community garden.
  • Painting – Invest in a set of paints and a roll of butcher paper.  Find an area where you can tape of the pieces of butcher paper to be painted on.  I prefer to do this outside of the house!
  • Park – Explore your local parks.  Pick a new park every week, even drive one town over.  Bring balls and sand toys or even scooters or trikes if there is a cement area.
  • Bowling – Check out the Kids Bowl Free program to see if there is a participating bowling center near you.
  • Play Dates – Reach out to your friends or your kids friend’s parents to arrange play dates.
  • Camp Out – In your own backyard!
  • Indoor Playtime – Make a fort, play a board game, do a puzzle, play with those toys in the back of the cupboard you haven’t seen in months.
  • Craft Projects – There are free printables and craft ideas all over the internet!  You don’t have to be a crafty person to help your kids through a project.
  • Cook – Start teaching the kids how to help you cook.  There are lots of cooking project specifically designed for kids if you don’t want to start out with the family meals.
  • Volunteer – Check out to find volunteer opportunities for your children.

Make sure you have something planned every day.  You don’t want to every minute of the summer scheduled out, but having something ready for the kids really helps avoid summer boredom.

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