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St Patrick’s Day Activities

Friday, March 4th, 2011

St Patrick’s Day is almost here.  This is a holiday kids really get into.  It’s fun to be green!  Children celebrate this holiday in a very different way than adults do.  Many schools have leprechauns that come into the classroom leaving treats and causing a little mischief.  You can even try this at home for some fun.  Treats can be anything from stickers to gold coins to a piece of candy.  This is a great opportunity for you and your child to have  some fun together

  • Have green eggs and ham for dinner
  • Get free printables on line and do some coloring
  • Make and decorate a leprechaun hat
  • Play find the lucky clover  (the adult can hide, children can find)
  • Write a poem about St. Patrick’s Day
  • Check out and read a book from the library about St Patrick’s Day
  • Bake clover shaped green cookies
  • Hide gold coins around the house and collect in a pot of gold
  • Make a rainbow mobile
  • Play Irish hot potato
  • Make homemade shamrock shakes
  • Listen to some traditional Celtic music

Most of all this is an opportunity to have some fun!


Happy New Year 2011

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

I hope everyone had a great holiday and was able to take some time off.  While on vacation I had time to reflect on family and take a look at what is ahead for our family.  Here is what I hope to achieve.

Do Not Overschedule.  My kids don’t have that much time before homework and activities really start taking over so I want us to enjoy time as a family and with friends.

Make Family Time. We will continue our Friday night movies at home.  It is nice looking forward to one night dedicated to just the family.

Introduce New Things. I want each of my kids to pick a fun new activity to learn.  Something like ice skating or a specific craft.  They can each set a goal to achieve by the end of the year.

Unplug. We will have unplugged times where the phones are away, tv and video games are off and we all enjoy an activity together.

Back To School

Friday, September 10th, 2010

This is a big year for us with two kids in school now. I have found this first week of back to school to be pretty overwhelming for all of us! Just getting the kids (mostly the younger one) on a schedule to be able to wake up in time hasn’t really worked itself out yet. But we are getting there. At least I had lunchboxes for the kids! I think the two summer classroom visits we did with my daughter really helped prepare her for her first ever day of school But there are definitely some things to note for next year.

  • If one child needs an emergency kit at school, that probably means the other does too.
  • A change of clothes in the cubby for a pre-schooler is a good idea not matter how long they have been potty trained
  • Get all clothes that don’t fit out of the closet.
  • Maybe going on a vacation in a 3 hour different time zone the week before school starts is not the best for getting the kids back on school schedule.
  • Have something prepared for share day before the morning it needs to be taken to school.
  • Consider skipping nighttime activities week one of school

And some things that went well..

  • Out to a special dinner and ice cream after the first day of school
  • Making lunches the night before
  • Picking out the kids clothes the night before (I have always done this and it is a big time saver)
  • Leaving lots of time for talking during bedtime to prepare for the next day
  • Take a picture of the kids on the first day of school

Kudos to my daughter’s dance teacher and my son’s sports coach who don’t start class until the week after school starts so the kids can get adjusted.  I am looking forward to a quiet evening at home with the family tonight!

Decorating The Kids’ Rooms

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

This is something that happens over time at our house.  Most recently my daughter has gotten her big girl furniture and my son has added a surf motif to his Americana bedroom.  I found several items sitting buried in his closet waiting for someone, anyone to rescue them to be displayed on the wall.  I decided the time was now, and I would tackle this project on my own.

To start I gathered a hammer, dry wall screws, measuring tape, and a pencil.  I grabbed the ladder and went to work.  It took surprisingly very little time and effort and made me wonder why I had been waiting so long for someone else to do it.  And I am not handy at all.  I staggered the stars so they wouldn’t need to be in a straight line.

This is one of my favorite items – the stuffed animal zoo.  My son has a TON of stuffed animals and they were taking over his room.  This piece of furniture solved everything!  He can easily put them in himself and take them out.

Since I was on a roll I headed over to my daughter’s room to hang a picture (now that I am an expert at that!) and change the curtains.  Her original curtains were on hooks, but it was pretty easy to just slide those off and and put the new ones directly on the rod.

So this Tackle It Tuesday was very productive and the kids love their new decor!

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