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Hot Spring Fashions and Colors

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010
Josie Girls Dress

Easter Sunday

I look forward to seeing the new fashions each spring because they are usually full of color, and this year is no exception.  Pantone lists turquoise, coral, violet, aurora yellow, amparo blue, and champagne among the top 10 spring colors for 2010.  I have definitely seen these colors to be popular in children’s clothing for boys and girls.  We sold out of boys turquoise shirts almost as soon as we got them in!  As soon as we received the new girls dresses, I had to buy the Josie for my daughter’s Easter dress.  She loved it and will be able to wear it all summer.

Nicole Girls Dress

Nicole Girls Dress

Pink and purple continue to top the best seller lists, but yellow is definitely making a strong comeback.  I expect to see more clothes available in shades of yellow for 2011.  One of the hottest dresses of the fall season was the Nicole which is now available in two new spring colors:  White with fuchsia and purple polka dots, and light blue with bright blue polka dots.

A few fashion trends that have continued through the spring for girls party dresses are bubble skirt dresses, tiered skirts, and pattern materials.

It’s nice to finally see some color coming into the boys clothing this year.  It started with boys dress shirts but we plan to keep adding fresh colors to the boys line including new boys suit styles.

What To Do With Old Special Occasion Wear

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Many of us buy outfits for a special occasion for our children or ourselves never to be worn again.  If the clothing is in good condition, you have a few options!

Donate It:  There are several organizations that specifically accept special occasion wear to be passed on to people in need.  Check out and if you have dresses to donate.  I could not find any specific organizations  for donating boys suits, but places like Goodwill and the Salvation Army will take them.  You can also check with your local school to see if they have any clothing drives, and if they don’t consider organizing one!

Hand It Down:  Contact friends and family to see if anyone can use your item.  If you belong to a local group (such as a moms club) post that you have an item for giveaway or trade.

Sell It:  You can make some money towards your new clothes by reselling the item on sites like Ebay or Craigslist.

Reuse It:  If you know a seamstress or are handy with a sewing machine yourself, consider altering the garment to make it more appropriate for casual wear.

Now it’s time to go through your closet!

Special Occasion Wear – What Does It Mean?

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

Deciding what to wear to a special event can be a daunting task.  Whether it’s picking out something from your closet or heading out shopping for a new outfit, understanding what style of dress is appropriate is the first place to start.   If you are unsure of the dress code, you can ask your host or the event planner.

Black Tie. Evening gowns or cocktail dresses should be worn ranging in length from tea length to full length.  Dresses should be classic in style.  Men should wear a black tuxedo.

Black Tie Optional/Formal. For women this means the same style dress as Black Tie.  Men should still wear a tuxedo if one is available, but have the option to wear a dark suit, preferably black, navy, or dark gray.  This is still a very formal event so dress accordingly (no short skirts!)

Semi-Formal. Cocktail dresses are the perfect choice here, landing anywhere from an inch above the knee to the floor.  Stay away from ball gowns and business suits in this dress code.  Dressy skirt suits of high quality material are also acceptable.  Men must wear suits, including a neck tie.

Cocktail Attire. Break out the little black dress!  Cocktail attire can be fun dresses that are trendier and shorter, but classic looks are always great too.  Length can be above the knee to tea length.  Dressy separates are also appropriate.  Men are still wearing suits at this level, but the tie is  optional with today’s trends.

Informal (aka Business Attire).  This is not the same as casual attire!  It is slightly less dressy than semi-formal.  Women can wear a skirt/pants suit or a conservative dress and jacket.  Men are required to wear suits with a tie.

Smart Casual. Ladies, put on a skirt or dress pants and coordinate a cute outfit.  A casual dress is also acceptable, usually above the knee or just below.  The term “smart” here means that you should look put together and not too casual.  Men can wear trousers or chinos with a button down or polo shirt.  Sweaters work for both men and women.  Jeans are not always acceptable, but in today’s trends jeans have become their own fashion statement.

Business Casual. Women can wear dress pants or skirts accompanied by blouses or sweaters.  Men do not wear suits, but opt for separates of trousers and shirts.

Festive Attire. Usually used around the holiday season, the attire can be anywhere from semi-formal to smart casual, but usually on the dressier side.  Try adding some sparkle or color to get in the “festive” mood!  No business look here, keep it dressy but fun.

Casual. Choose your style and go for it!  There are no rules for casual attire.  You can use this style of dress to express yourself or simply be comfortable.

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