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Decorating The Kids’ Rooms

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

This is something that happens over time at our house.  Most recently my daughter has gotten her big girl furniture and my son has added a surf motif to his Americana bedroom.  I found several items sitting buried in his closet waiting for someone, anyone to rescue them to be displayed on the wall.  I decided the time was now, and I would tackle this project on my own.

To start I gathered a hammer, dry wall screws, measuring tape, and a pencil.  I grabbed the ladder and went to work.  It took surprisingly very little time and effort and made me wonder why I had been waiting so long for someone else to do it.  And I am not handy at all.  I staggered the stars so they wouldn’t need to be in a straight line.

This is one of my favorite items – the stuffed animal zoo.  My son has a TON of stuffed animals and they were taking over his room.  This piece of furniture solved everything!  He can easily put them in himself and take them out.

Since I was on a roll I headed over to my daughter’s room to hang a picture (now that I am an expert at that!) and change the curtains.  Her original curtains were on hooks, but it was pretty easy to just slide those off and and put the new ones directly on the rod.

So this Tackle It Tuesday was very productive and the kids love their new decor!

Tackling The Kids Toys

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

How do the kids’ toys start taking over the house?  We have bins, organizers, bookcases, trunks, but we have gotten to an overflow point (this does seem to happen after each kids birthday party!). So for my first Tackle it Tuesday I decided to clean out the kids toys.  When I say clean out the kids toys, I mean go through every room and pull them all out.  I had two young assistants on this project.

Pull Out All The Toys.  Yes, we pulled out all the toys into the living room.

Sort The Toys.  We put all the toys in piles:  older child, younger child, giveaway, toy pieces.  We then tried to match up all the loose pieces with their toy or game.  Then we grouped the items in each child’s pile  (ie board games, action figures, dolls, etc).

Giving Away Toys. I promptly e-mailed several friends who have babies with a list of toys that are ready for new homes.  One has already picked up some and the other two are scheduled to come over this week.  Funny how the kids start playing with toys that have  gone unused for 6 months once they are in the giveaway pile!

Organizing and Putting the Toys Away. We put certain toys in the kids rooms and chose others to stay in the play room.

The Aftermath.  Then there are the toys that are no longer usable.  Broken hot wheels tracks, games with missing pieces.  Some of these went into the recycling bin.

I finally feel like we have some space again!  Getting the baby toys out was a huge part of that.  We unearthed some hidden treasures from the bottom of the toy bin and the back of some shelves – it’s almost like having a few new toys!

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