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Boys Tuxedos

When a boy is dressed in his first tuxedo, it seems to transform him from a tiny child to a young man. Whether it’s a family member’s wedding, a sibling’s Christening, or a celebration of a family event, your little man will look absolutely dashing in his tuxedo. Whether you need an infant suit, or a tuxedo for toddlers to teens, you can find the right look for any formal event. We have tuxedoes for every aged kid, so browse our beautiful formal clothing for every event.

You can choose either white or black so that your boy can look the part white still keeping his own sense of style. The suit pants are comfortable enough that he can still participate in many of his favorite activities with his friends, yet won’t lose his look of regal adulthood.

The jacket, for as long as it stays on, will fill you with a sense of pride as you watch your little man strut in his miniature penguin suit. Help him match the rest of the family by picking a one, two, or three button look. You can also choose to adorn your little man in silk-like lapels or a jacket with tails to bring the classic feel up another notch.

Not yet feeling like he’s got all the class he deserves? Bring the timeless look back with one of our elegant double breasted jackets. Single breasted jackets are available and are popular as a modern look, but people are increasingly opting for the throw back to a simpler time.

Chosen the appropriate jacket? Pair it with a vest to keep the look complete even when your little one looking suave even when he eventually leaves his jacket on the back of his chair. Because it stays buttoned at all times, your little firecracker is more likely to keep it on through the entire event while staying active.

Sometimes a vest just isn’t the right fit for your boy. If your son’s like most, the very first thing he’ll do is un-tuck that shirt that you so carefully ironed and arranged for him. Help him fight this impulse by incorporating a cummerbund into his tux. This accent will keep the outfit together, even when he seems to be doing everything to pull this piece of our boys formal clothing apart.

Finally, no tux would be complete without the matching bow tie. You can tie it yourself or opt for a pre-tied one that simply clips in the back. Considering most kids’ activity levels, you probably want to get the premade, clip-on version. It’s less likely to come undone, even while he’s swinging from the monkey bars (or whatever else he can climb on).

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