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From the very first time you held her in your arms, you knew she was a princess. As soon as you got her home, you wrapped her in adorable dresses, pretty pink blankets, and tiny bows. Though she seems to be growing each and every day, she hasn’t stopped being your princess.

For many young children, the first ornate dress worn is their Christening gown. The long, white dress is reminiscent of a wedding dress, displaying your little angel’s beauty and purity. As your friends’ children have Christenings and events of their own, choose a simpler, but just as beautiful, dress for infants.

Each year, there are countless opportunity to dress her as the Princess she is. Every Easter, you can choose a different color dress and even matching hat to get her in the egg hunting spirit. Do the same for other holidays, and your little girl will be the talk of the family.

When she gets her first invitation to a friends’ birthday party, it’s a perfect time to hit the boutique once again. Party dresses are made so your daughter will not only look fabulous, but will also be able to move and play with childish abandon. Just be careful…your little one will almost certainly outshine the birthday girl!

If your favorite little girl can’t wait for the next big event to wear her favorite dress, then grab a few everyday dresses. They’re easy to manage but help her shine even while doing everyday tasks like going to school or playing outside. Pair them with matching leggings so she’ll be comfortable doing even the most athletic sports.

Some of those athletic events may even require the use of a gorgeous dress. Ballerinas will feel right at home with a cute little tutu, and gymnasts will have their full range of motion in a colorful leotard. Dress your little girl for success, and don’t forget to take hundreds of pictures. She’ll wear beautiful dresses at all ages, but you never want that image of your little seven-year-old spinning in her tiny tutu to fade.

Browse through Puddles Collection amazing assortment of dresses, and you’ll not only find outfits for every occasion, you’ll be tempted to create occasions to give your little girl an excuse to wear even more. 

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