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Girls Easter Dresses

Easter is one of the most exciting and celebrated days of the year for little girls.  In addition to anxiously anticipating an Easter basket filled with eggs, candy, and other treats, they get to dress in the most beautiful and fanciest outfits may have ever worn.  Puddles Collection is excited to offer some of the most fun yet elegant attire available.

133 products found. Showing 81 - 120
133 products found. Showing 81 - 120

To start, your little princess will love the vibrant colors of Easter dresses. Pastels are the old standby, and she is sure to bring the room to life wearing pale blue, green, or pink. To showcase her personality, and give her a look that is unmistakable, choose one of the interesting and elegant patterned dresses to complement the pastel colors.

Easter represents new life and new growth. As your little girl runs and plays, she’ll be showing the incredible life that blooms inside her. Reflect that new life and vigor with a dress that seems to have a life of its own. We have several print dresses that have flowers blooming right from the hemline or patterns that cover the dress and beautiful Easter flowers. She’ll feel right at home as she runs by blooming gardens and wildlife hunting for those elusive Easter eggs.

You can even cultivate the garden look with a 3D twist. Choose one of our girls’ dresses with a gorgeous sash tied and the waist, and complete the look with a beautiful looking flower directly on that sash. You can opt for just one flower, accenting the color and design of the dress, or choose a sash that’s entirely made of flowers. The flowers will wrap around the entire dress, truly reflecting the feeling of the occasion.

Another option that highlights the vibrancy of every movement your little princess makes is a beautiful tiered dress. As she runs and plays, the separate layers will bounce right along with her, adding an image of even more energy. She will be beautiful in this classic style, and you will feel nothing but pride and love, confident that everyone around can see her incredible spirit.

Easter is an inspiring time with a filled with family and playfulness as well as the feeling of new life and celebration. We at Puddles Collection will be honored to help your daughter feel as beautiful on this day as you see her every day. With so many colors, patterns, and textures you’ll find a look that reflects the import of Easter Sunday while still maintaining a personality that is uniquely your little girls’.

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