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Girls Pageant Dresses

As your little girl twirls and spins while partaking in her first pageant, your heart will swell with pride. You know she is a source of radiant beauty, but it’s rare you get to share that beauty with an entire audience or help her feel as special as you see her. A pageant and its complementary dress provide that wonderful opportunity.

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110 products found. Showing 81 - 110

It’s true that a pageant is a competition and one lucky girl will walk away with a tiara, but the real prize is the self-confidence that your angel will have from that point on. By wearing a gorgeous gown and parading around as a beauty star, she’ll feel as beautiful as you see her.

After your little girl, the dress is the most important component of the pageant. One classic style is the flowing ball gown. With a floor length dress and beautiful capped sleeves, she’ll look just like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She can draw even more eyes with a gathered skirt. It adds volume to the look effortlessly.

Still not ornate enough for your pageant star? No problem! Check out the glittery brooch fastened on the sash that ties in the back. The crinoline under-layer will emphasize the volume while allowing her the movement to dance and walk with confidence.

For a slightly different look, opt for spaghetti straps. Combined with a glittery bodice, she’ll look like a professional dancer ready to wow the judges. The pageant look will be brought together with the full bubble skirt that poofs and folds beautifully. The knee length girls dress will be perfect for showing off the matching shoes, as well as her hip dance moves and amazing walk.

The torso and skirt are brought together in a single look with an oversized bow seemingly pinned in place with a gorgeous brooch. When she’s ready to take the look to a more upscale level, she’ll love wearing the matching wrap in a variety of different styles.

No matter what look she decides to pursue, you’ll never forget her incredible smile as she stands onstage. Though all the girls are sure to look wonderful, you won’t be able to take your eyes off her glowing face or fail to notice that extra bounce in her step as she comes downstage. The only problem? She’ll never want to take it off! Browse the Puddles Collection to choose the perfect style and color for her.

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