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Infant Girl Dresses

Just because your little one isn’t walking and talking yet doesn’t mean she can’t dress to impress.  When holiday time rolls around, a family functions are around the corner, or if you just have occasion to make her feel beautiful or him feel handsome, browse the amazing selection at Puddles Collection.  You’ll find stress is designed for infants that’s will be comfortable, it easy to manage, and the talk of the party.

Bring back the traditional sailor suit look with a modern twist. Use capped sleeves, striped skirts, and a gorgeous white bow to help your little baby showcase the fun and frivolity of a sailing excursion. For more traditional look, show them that she can be dancing ballerina before her first dance class. A pretty pink or blue skirt covered in lace will make her look like she’s gliding across the floor, even when she’s just running after her favorite toy.

Not sure she’s ready to begin her spinning? Opt for an elegant black and white checkered design brought together by a flowered pink bow for the sash and delicate undertones of pink lace peeking on out from underneath the skirt.

Of course, no collection of infant dresses could be complete without a wide range of Christening gowns. Don’t limit yourself on this holy day. Take your time of browsing through different patterns, styles, lengths, and even hats types to make sure your little boy or girl looks his or her best.

As your little baby gets slightly older, she’ll begin to appreciate the variety of styles the Puddles Collection offers for her size. Flowers are always a favorite. Incorporate them in sashes, bows, head pieces, and patterned fabrics. If flowers aren’t quite her style, try solid colors, different cuts of fabric, or different patterns to make sure that she stands out in her elegant new dress.

But don’t feel as if she needs to wake until she’s walking to stand out! Not only does Puddles Collection offer a huge variety of infant dresses, you can even make your own flower petal dress that has your daughter’s unique personality reflected in its style. You’ll appreciate how easy it is to put together and maintain her look even as she acts like the rambunctious child that she is. Your family and friends will appreciate how modern, stylish, and beautiful she looks in her Puddles Collection infant dress.

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