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Puddles Collection - Childrens' Formal Wear Boutique

A-Line:  A garment that is fitted at the hips and gradually widens
Ankle Length:  The skirt or dress will stop at the ankle just slightly above the floor
Applique:  Fabric that is sewn onto another piece of fabric creating a pattern or design
Bodice: The part of a women’s clothing from the neck to the waist
Bolero:  A jacket ending above or at the waistline worn open in the front
Brocade:  A richly decorative fabric woven with an elaborate design
Cap Sleeve:  A short sleeve that covers the shoulders but does not extend to the arm
Cummerbund:  A wide sash worn around the waist, usually pleated
Embroidery:  Designs on fabric created with yarn or other material
Empire Waist:  A waist that fits just below the bust
Eyelet:  A small finished hole in fabric creating a design
Overlay:  A layer that is on top of a skirt
Peter Pan Collar:  A small collar with two lapels with rounded corners
Petticoat:   A layer worn under a skirt or dress
Ruche(d):  A serious of pleats creating a gathered effect for trim or to create draping and texture
Sash:  A piece of fabric worn around the waist that ties
Scalloping:  A serious of curved projections along the edge of fabric
Scoop Neck:  A round or u-shaped neck line
Smocking:  A tightly gathered area of fabric often elasticized and stitched decoratively
Spaghetti Straps:  A think strip of fabric used as a strap on the bodice of a garment
Square Neck:  Open neckline that forms the shape of a half  square
Tea Length:  A garment which hem falls at the shins
Topstitching:  Stitching sewn on the topside (outside) of the fabric along the edge

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